Need a Model!

Hi There…Need a Model again. Every couple of months I do a little shoot that isn’t a paying shoot, but something that I can really dig my teeth into and get creative with. I did a few trash the dress shoots for some girls this fall and now will be looking to do something a tad bit offbeat for the winter. The shoot will include probably a guy and a girl, if I can find “a couple” willing that is. I am not saying what exactly it is until the right one comes forth! But it will be so much fun and I can’t wait! I will give you a hint. It is sometimes said that “what goes around comes around” and this lies true with my theme! I don’t think you will guess! This is something I am planning on doing in February/March and hopefully that will give you plenty of time to mark your calendar if you want to do it or pass on the info to someone else who would do it.

So short and sweet…

need model or two (man and woman)


It is said that what goes around comes around and this lies true with my theme!

You will get the files on DVD and hair (or a wig ;o) and makeup done! Yippppeeee!

It involves a really cool wordrobe too! Can’t beat that!