My life as a Photographer…

I am sure this will sound very familiar to all those photographers out there…Here is an example of how a shoot goes from start to finish for me…

Ring Ring…Yipppeeeeeeeeeee! Another shoot! (love doing new stuff)

Grab a Starbucks (I find the grande eggnog latte with skim is yummy for a little Holiday Spirit) and scout out the shoot…most times just as exciting as the shoot itself!


Now, this is when the music of doom begins…du du du dum…du du du dummmmmm.

Download cards to hard-drive (weddings usually up around 60 GBs give or take)

Answer the phone, email people, change a diaper.

Back up the pics on my Hard-drive and discs.

Edit first round in Lightroom, pick out my favs!

Answer the phone again. Pass out pretzels to my kids to buy me another 20 minutes of work time.

Edit the favs, fixing color, tones, etc.

Export those and convert to jpegs.

Save jpegs onto disc and hard-drive 2x.

Turn on music and try to make hanging out in mommy’s office the newest cool thing.

Then the fun part…enhancing in PS CS3

Then I save those final jpegs again on disc.

Then I upload to the galleries…organize the galleries, order proofs if necessary

Change some more diapers, try to bounce kid on knee and make funny sounds so I can answer another client’s email (this is why email is so wonderful for me!)

Design cards if necessary.

Wait for UPS to come!!!! Yippppeeeeeee!

Check work and make sure it is A-Okay for clients!!!! Yippppeeeeeeeee!

Tell my husband for the third time that I swear I will be right up in just a minute. Really. I mean it this time.

Contact client/make appt for pick-up or arrange shipping.

Find sitter for appts and next days work.

Open the microwave to find I left my twice reheated mug of coffee in there all day AGAIN.

Be happy that I LOVE what I do and wouldn’t change it for the world…

thank you …

enjoy your evening!