What is your Resolution this year?

Okay guys! It is that time of year again. The time has come to take a personal inventory of ourselves and reach deep down inside and figure out what we are setting out to do this year…what goals we have, what we want to change about ourselves for the better. I have a very long list…hehe! One major one, which was also my resolution from last year, is to become ORGANIZED. WHAT???? I forget what that even means!!! I try soooo hard and actually sought out to buy a wonderful calendar from Office Max to put all appts in from drs. visits, to kids stuff at school, to client appts and wedding dates booked. However, I wasn’t destined to be organized in the year 2007 because in October of 2007 there are no calendars for 2007 anymore…hmmmmm. So I will officially be organized come January first, and can’t wait to begin using my new Black Book. But don’t worry, you won’t be considered bad if you are in MY black book, it will be a very good thing-in other words…you’re in like Flynn! I wrote a small list and highly recommend it!


2. Offer exceptional customer service to my clients and potential clients! Huge one for me for next year. I have many more business goals to reach next year in terms of customer service, technical experimenting, equipment purchases, etc. etc.

3. Make better food choices. I have gone up a size, no joke…not funny. ;o(

4. Make more time for friends…doing fun stuff…yippppeeeeeeee!

5. Manage my time. This is a BIG factor for me…I need to learn about time management…like instead of twiddling my hair and staring off into space…put away that stack of papers that I have been staring at for quite some time.

6. Try something new when I go out to eat. BIG ONE…except this doesn’t go with my number 3 on the list…I always get the same thing when I go out to eat…Chinese=moochoo chicken or broccoli chicken, Italian=chicken parm or ravioli (blah blah blah), and Mexican= what else besides chicken fajitas. Now come on, there is more to Mexico than chicken fajitas…like steak fajitas!!!

7. Expand my reading abilities. Like actually read books rather than US , People, In-Touch.I can’t help it, I want to. I like to see what they wear. But I want to actually read a book from front to back and gain knowledge from it.

8. Avoid hitting the alarm in the morning numerous times before getting out of bed. This is soooo hard for me. My gosh, I am just not a morning person. I find nothing great about getting up at the crack of dawn.

9. Give with out expecting anything in return.

10. remember that life is a day to day journey and to relax and breathe and just enjoy the moment. Also…I am trying to make the world a better place one act of random kindness at a time…(stole that from Evan Almighty) but really mean it~

Have a good night!