Athena and Jeff! WooHoo!

Athena and Jeff…I love these guys! They rock! The story goes like this. Last year I got a call from Athena wanting me to photograph them! Yipeeee! I knew she was cool because I loved the design on the check that she sent along with the contract in the mail! So we met on December 9th, 2006! And here we are exactly one year later, December 9th, 2007, shooting just some 50 some-odd feet away from where we originally met last year! It was by chance that we picked that day, and then the light-bulb went off in my head! Wow…it is our 1 year Anniversary! How cool was that! Even cooler was the fact that after the shoot last year,  we had we all realized that we could really hang out with each other on a friendship level . So we went out to dinner one night, and realized even more just how much we all had in common. I love life for this reason alone! You never know who you will meet and the impact they will have on your life. And coming from some old-timers like my husband and I … we were in need of friends like Athena and Jeff! I love my job for this reason. Some of my clients really do end up becoming my friends. Photography really is all about capturing the personalities of your subjects. So really, there is no avoiding getting to know the “real” you’s !!! (gramatically incorrect but sounds right in my head!) So from dinner to ice-cream and taboo, to eating Mexican Specials…this one is for my lovely friends…donut loving and gas guzzling (long story) … Athena and Jeff!

we started off at the Danbury Railway Museum for a little something different…blud-13-of-353-copy.jpg






Jeff had fun on the ice…


This was fun…


second location was Tarrywhile Park in Danbury. Athena picked this spot and we got some warm and cozy shots here…blud-171-of-353-copy.jpg







Merry Christmas Athena and Jeff! We can’t wait to do homemade pizza and do another round of Taboo with you! ;o) So happy we met!