Post-A-Day to keep the Doctor Away!

I am going to be hopefully posting on a more regular basis since the workflow is beginning to taper for the year. I have a few jobs left over to blog and edit, wedding, trash the dress stuff and some of my own personal stuff for marketing and behind the scenes type stuff, so in my spare time (hehe!) I will be posting a picture each day…mainly to keep you coming back and keep you updated with what I am working on 24-7! And also to keep my creative juices flowing through the rough winter months ahead! ( I think rough is a bit dramatic ;o) So they won’t necessarily be of clients all the time, sometimes just stuff I like, for instance…

 shoes…and these were my favorite pair this fall…kids07-2-of-3-copy.jpg

yippppeeeeeeee! You can get them on sale now at Lord & Taylor for like 40 or 50 bucks and they come in brown too!