Yikes… ;o)

First self-portrait I have ever posted…YIKES! Anyone who knows me – knows I only like being on one side of the camera, and it is not the end with the lens! So this might just be the one and only picture of me you see on this blog! I am a big blog stalker of Jasmine Star’s, among a list of other photogs, and I have to say that I do agree with her that you should post a picture of yourself somewhere on your blog and website, especially in the BIO section. So here ya are!

Don’t make too much fun, although I did wait to sport my new short hair do…inspired by the lovely Athena and Claudette! I think next cut is going to be shorter even! I have such an obsession with cutting hair, like when you get one tatoo, there is usually a pack of tatoos to follow. So addictive!


p.s. for all the photojunkies out there…i used my 28mm lens for this shot. I am a huge fan of my prime lenses…love them!