Bonnie and Adam : Married 11.16.07 : Part 2

So here is Bonnie and Adam’s Part 2 of their wedding day! They are such a cute couple and I really loved working with these guys! Funny little thing is, Adam knew my husband growing up and by chance Adam and Bonnie happen to live two houses down from my Grandpa in Greenwich, CT. I actually remember seeing them hanging out in their front yard way before I even met them! Funny how life brings people together!

Well, here are some more of my favorites from their day!


it was an extremely windy day and I loved this pic of Bonnie walking into the church.



a beautiful cake. I broke out my little video light to get a more interesting lighting effect…Love what that thing can do. Best $30 bucks I have ever spent.fava22-3-of-1-copy.jpg


the happy couple sharing a dance…they are so cute!fava22-5-of-1-copy.jpg

I try to use the videographers light as much as possible, to utilize some off camera lighting. Thanks to Kevin being there…I got a great shot of the grandparents sharing a moment!



Congrats guys! Can’t wait to show you the rest.