Ladies… I need a Prom Dress!

Hey there! I am attending a PUG meeting/party this month and they are having a prom theme to it. We can pick a dress from any decade…and since I am huge fan of 80’s music (Please don’t make fun) I am picking something from the 80’s…but I am a “whippersnapper”  as some would say so I don’t have one from way back then. In the 80’s I was still singing into my hairbrush pretending I was Debbie Gibson and Tiffany.

So I am need of something with huge poofy sleeves bigger than my head. I am thinking “Petty In Pink” material. I am teasing my bangs way up high with a whole can of hairspray and some nice light blue eyeshadow! I can envision it now! Forgive me, I am listening to a little Lionel Ritchie to get me in the mood!

So let me know if you have something in a size 6 or 8 hanging in the back of  your closet somewhere. I won’t make fun of you if you do!

Thanks so much,

ps…I will return the dress since it is something you are probably kind of attached to. ;o)