Trash the Dress Shoot…my next project…

okay…I am winding down with the last of my editing for my 2007 season and will be working on my album designs for the next two months.

I would love to do another Trash the Dress shoot to keep my creative juices flowing and have a location picked out in my mind…it involves some really old, junked up cars in the middle of the woods! I also already have the dress. So if you are about a size 10 or 12 then give me a buzz or leave an email and we can set it up.

Anyone who does a shoot with me, as usual, gets to have their makeup done by the one and only Kristen from MAC. I would love to incorporate some snow in the picture too! so if you are up for some fun in the not so warm sun…then give me a buzz and we can set up the shoot really soon!


 By the way…the only requirement for this shoot is to be willing to do just about anything. I always have lots of fun with clients that give me free reign. That is a dream come true for photographers. The sky is the limit when you hang out with me for the day!!! ;o)

totally by accident but kinda liked this shot…barn-1-of-1-copy.jpg