Bellies & Babies…

Okay…so I am addicted to blogging…this is number 3 today…or is it 4? I forget…anyway…this deserved an entry!

I recently have been thinking that I would love to do a maternity photo shoot since I have not done one in quite some time. I have mainly been focusing on weddings and trash the dress stuff…but everything comes in time I suppose…and when it is meant to. So a couple days after that…in my order from my lab came a pamphlet about a workshop coming up for Bellies & Babies with Sandy Puc…which focuses on Maternity and Newborn photography…talk about timing. Then to top it off I woke up this morning to an email from a past client who is due to have a baby soon (so happy for her! ;o) and would love to have some Maternity shots taken…

I mean COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!! What a coinky-dink.

So I am posting this to spread the word in case you have been wanting to gain some insight in this area…CLICK HERE  to get some more detailed info regarding time/dates/locations etc…It is super cheap and I think is going to be really beneficial and I am so pumped! Wha-hoooooooo!

Enjoy…and I forgot to mention this at the lunch today…so I apologize…I wasn’t intentionally holding back information! ;o)

p.s….from now on i will be typing in BOLD print…you can read it much better !