Can’t Wait to get mine!!!

I can’t wait till the time comes when I can buy my D3…I know there is one out there with my name on it for sure! Not long ago I was debating on making the switch to Canon because of a couple lenses, like the wonderful 24mm 1.4 that they have (love wide angle primes)and the tilt-shifts are sweet too. But then the buzz got out about Nikon’s new D3 that was coming out on the market soon. Being that I have only shot with Nikon ever since day one when my Dad circled a used manual 1970’s camera in the paper for me to go check out…which I bought as my first camera! (which I ended up smudging the mirror inside with my greasy finger before I snapped my first shot and then dropping it on the pavement sending it into retirement)…I figured…I’ll stick with the tried and true. Nikon has never disappointed me. Ever. And I am happy to point you to Susan Stripling’s blog to read up on her experience with the new D3…so interesting…can’t wait to get my hands wrapped around that camera body! Yummmmmm!

 Oh and also…Love what she has to say about the 85mm 1.4 and the 50 1.4…so true…I love both of those lenses and they are my most favorites to use…especially my 50 1.4…which is super small and delivers exceptional results! I do love the size and craftsmenship of the Nikon equipement. The D3…is no light weight for sure…but they are built to last!

Happy Saturday!