Good To Know…

Any wedding photographers out there that are reading this…or are photographers that are looking to get into this industry, and you are wondering all the ins & outs of hiring and using a second shooter at events, I suggest you take a look at Jasmine Star’s blog and get some info on the topic there. She wrote a great FAQ’s entry on it and I think you may benefit from it…I know I did. I have decided to offer a second shooter to my clients starting this up coming wedding season and am very excited about it and feel I will have more flexiblity with my shooting and being able to relax more and be in the moment…which is what life is all about anyhow! ;o) I was a tad bit overwhelmed with the fear of letting go of having full control of the coverage of a wedding…but I have been lucky enough to find a great photographer that will be helping me out this season and I know it will really let me be a bit more “free” in my shooting. I think you should check it out if you have any questions mulling around in your head about this topic. A great read.

Have a great Friday! ;o)