Fun Game = Free Shoot!!!

Here’s the deal…

I have a blog stats page on my dashboard in my little control panel for my blog! That’s right! That means I am stalking all of you that are stalking me! What goes around comes back around again ;o)

Just kidding actually…I can’t actually tell exactly who you are…but I have an idea of how many hits I get each day. Which is a great feature. I have been blogging more on a daily basis…testing the waters one might say, and I have found that I have been getting a steady growth in my blog hits. (even when I blog about something completely non-unusual [I know that is not a word Mom :o] and boring, like my shoes) The thing is I still only get a few new commenters here and there, the rest are my usual faithful readers (thanks for making me feel more important than I actually am).

So here is the deal…

Starting today…you have until the end of February to make the most comments on my blog. Here’s the rules…(I am being extra strict with these. hehe!)

1. You must be the one with the most comments by the last Day in February…contest ends at Midnight on February 29th…(just to make it more official)

2. You must not have a gap of more than two days of NO commenting on my blog.

3. You can only comment once per blog entry!

4. You can’t write any profanities…you will be given a penalty and red carded…that’s right…this is a family affair…no mean things allowed ;o)

5.It can be comments only on blog entries from today till February…which means no cheating and going back to when my blog was originally made and commenting on all my old stuff… Haha!

6. May the best man/woman win!

7. LAST Rule is you can’t have already have had a free shoot with me in the past. Only first time winners allowed! ;o)

8.Okay…really this is the last rule! I won’t count one or two worded comments. For instance…”WOW!” or “COOL!”.

What you win…

A free on-location shoot with me!

I choose the location

You can have you and one other in the shoot.

And you get an on-line gallery and a $25 reprint credit!

So get started…Good luck!

Winner is Announced on March First! ;o)