Boudoir Shoots!


Okay…so I suppose it is time to let the cat out of the bag! I do Boudoir Shoots! I just don’t advertise it simply for the reason that when I was starting out a while back, I didn’t want to gain a reputation for doing “boudoir” pics and only that, since I was really trying to target a wedding clientele. But as time went on, I was asked more and more by woman to do these…and the more I did them, the more fun I had! I am asked by moms , wives, girlfriends, soon to be brides etc. They make an awesome gift for that special guy in your life, and on top of that, it makes you feel beautiful and liberated that the experience in itself is really worth it alone! So far all my clients that have done sessions with me have said they can’t believe they actually did it and that it was A LOT of fun.

So I do offer these…I call them Intimate Sessions… and prefer to keep it classy and suggestive leaving a bit to the imagination! The sessions are done on a location of your choice and we can meet before and have a consultation meeting to get to know each other and talk about clothing choices and location ideas. I think it is extremely important for you to feel absolutely comfortable during the shoot so I recommend for you to bring a friend or someone that would make you feel at ease, music, wine…whatever will make you feel most beautiful and relaxed. Besides having the pics to share with someone after, you want to remember the experience as being something fun and exciting and liberating. So this is something I tell my clients. I also have designed 5×5 flush-mount books for my clients to present as their gift! The guys LOVE them!

If you would like to schedule one or are just interested in talking to me about it, give me an email or buzz!

Happy Monday!