Okay So I better Blog…

other wise all you commenters out there will give me holy hell! So I am blogging to say I am happy to have back in my hands a very CLEAN camera of mine that I sent out to have cleaned, along with some lenses that were put through the mill this year, from being dropped off a huge metal pipeline…(thanks Eric for saving it for me), dropped at weddings from scrounging around to stay in the moment and whatever else I do like simply missing the lens bag…and sending them flying into the floor! 🙂

So anyhow…I hate sending my gear out to get checked…but I am getting better at it! I am just waiting the arrival of my new lighting equipment that I will be utilizing at ALL of your weddings this year, I got my new couch today for my client area, and I got my new curtains compliments of my favorite, Pottery Barn!

On a non materialistic note…a friend of mine dropped off a camera for me to check out today and it is pretty old and cool!

I hope you enjoy your friday!