Happy Sunday!

I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about me…I am not a materialistic person, just so happens I like stuff. I think like many women out there…I have a shoe fetish. I think feet are cool and why not put something on that makes you feel pretty! Like heels…

My new favorite pair! Well I haven’t actually worn them yet, but when I bought them I had bought them with the intention with wearing them out to dinner with my friend Brenda, who will be home visiting soon! This way, spending the money on them was justified. NOW…If I wore those shoes to a place other than out to dinner with Brenda for the first time, I would have been completely full of bologna when I bought them, which means I would feel guilty spending the money. So I am leaving them tucked far away in the back of my closet awaiting her arrival. I know she will like them because we have the same taste in shoes! She is a true friend indeed! ;o)shoescouch-2-of-2-copy.jpg

and here is my new couch in my client area…It is kind of cozy!


So on a non-materialistic note…I read something today that was very comforting…

Faith…having the courage to take that first step without seeing where the staircase leads…( I changed that from before because the correct saying came to me like 5 hours after writing it!)

hmmmmm…food for thought.