Leather Craftsmen Seminar!

WooHoo! I love going to workshops and seminars and I just got word from Greg at Leather Craftstmen that they are holding a seminar in February here in CT.

I have been to two of their seminars before and really got a lot out of it in terms on marketing strategies, album design tips, etc. Plus they have a ton of sample albums layed out that I love looking through for ideas and just to see how pretty they are! I have always used Leather Craftsmen and some of the best photogs out there use them, such  as Mike Colon, Jessica Claire, Becker. I mainly went with them for a few reasons…One- they have been in business for over 50 years…that is always a plus! They know what they are doing. Two- because I edited for a wedding photog that used them and that is how I was introduced to them! And three- Becuase they truely are high end albums and built to last and are very beautifully crafted! They aren’t cheap…but you get what you pay for in my book.

So the seminar is Feb. 28th…from 9 to 4pm…in Windsor CT…and it is FREE! Let me know if you want to come and maybe we can car pool.

And you get lunch! WOOHOO!

Happy Friday…It is a Chinese Lunch Day for me and my mom! Yipppeeee! Moo-choo Chicken and eggrolls! Yum!


P.S…if you check out Jessica Claire’s blog…you can see her last wedding images and how rocked her shots shooting at an aperature of mostly 1.0 and 1.2….damn that 50mm Canon makes…I am waiting on Nikon to offer an auto focus 1.2 Aperature Lens soon… ;o)