A fun Post!

I am bored…not really, but I am in the mood to blog. So I will blog some more funny stuff you might not know about me!

1. I have a fetish about my eyebrows. Ever since I got pregnant they seemed to have a mind of their own. Funny but very true! I don’t let just anybody touch them. I used to wax them myself, but that ended up not being such a hot idea as I soon was wearing only one eyebrow and my counter top was wearing most of the wax…I had to scrape it off with a knife. Now I tweeze them and have about three pairs of my favorite all time tweezers and never know where any of them are…But when they pop up I REALLY get excited!

2. I twiddle my hair like there is no tomorrow. I think alot when I am doing this so it is actually a good thing. From what I hear it is hereditary and my mom does it too. When I had short hair I looked totally insane driving and twiddling my hair…and when I had long hair I would purposely pull out pieces of hair from a pony-tail to perform the task.

3. I am one of four siblings…I have two sisters, Jodi and Shannon, and a brother out in LA named Chris. We are one big happy family!

4. Once when I was little (fifth grade) I got in trouble for throwing a rock at an eigth-grader who I had a crush on (not naming any names). I wasn’t the one who threw the rock, but I took the slack for it. Hmmm. I still get mad about that. ( and I still remember who threw it, but won’t name any names)

5. I broke my ankle playing soccer when I was little and I stuck a pen down my cast to scratch an itch and the cap came off and got stuck. It was there for eight weeks and I have a scar from it to this day.

6. I got burnt really bad on a vacation to Florida one year when I was a junior in high School. My mom warned me I was red but I ignored her, thinking I knew it all, and I ended up being stuck in the room for a whole week, got sun poisoning, and waddled across the street stopping traffic so I could get some Aloe Lotion at the CVS…My parents never let that one go. ;o)

7. I was extremely afraid of the Elephant Man when I was little (the old movie, which is actually very sad) and I had a neighbor that was not so nice who would taunt me with saying the name over and over. So my Dad went out and yelled at him and he never did it again! Thanks Dad!

8. I once plowed over a parking meter by accident. I thought I put the car in reverse and I believe I put it in drive instead. I drove by the parking lot a few days later and saw they had put four big orange cones around it and then soon after it was uprooted and gone forever. Ooooppps!

9. I have a seafood and alchohol issue. If I eat any type of shellfish and have alcohol at the same time I get extremely sick. NOT FUN.

10. I once baked a cake for my dad’s birthday. It was a money cake and I didn’t tell anyone and my Dad almost broke a tooth when biting into a piece. Money cake was a family tradition that my Dad’s mom used to make, by taking a regular old cake, and covering quarters, dimes and nickels with wax paper then dropping them into the batter and baking them into the cake. We were always so pumped when you got one in your piece and you’d count to see how rich you were! Fun stuff!