Happy Tuesday!

Okay, so I have been not feeling so hot the past two days…as well as my little tot at home. It’s expected this time of year I suppose! So I am back on track today and will be getting in contact with anyone who I have not been in contact with yet, if you have emailed me and I haven’t responded, be assured you will be contacted today at some point.

As of what is going here behind the scenes…I am working on about 5 album designs and will be getting those out to all hopefully very soon!

I also am going to go to Market View tonight to make some quick cash … Anyone who doesn’t know about Market View should seriously inquire about it. I would provide the link, but can’t seem to find it for the one I go to in Danbury, CT. However, it is fun, and you meet cool people and make quick clean cash. I have done a dozen or so in my days, since I was about 18 and still do them. I love to get called. So off I go to one tonight to talk about confidential information that I can’t disclose! ;o)

Anyhoo, off to do my album designs!

Happy Tuesday!