Lunch was a hit!

Well, Saturday has come and gone already and the luncheon was a hit! I have some pics to share with you! We had lots of fun and learned lots of new stuff! There were eight of us and of all levels of photography, from hobbyists to professionals. I think we are all starting to bond on levels that run deeper than photography as well. Making friends with people who are interested in the same things is a wonderful thing. I have found that photography is something that has drawn us to each other…but when spending more time with everyone, I have come to realize I have much more in common with them with everyday life things as well. It is a great thing!

So Robin held true to her word and provided us with an ice-breaker game that included M&M’s (what could be better?) and for however many M&M’s we took from the bowl, we had to share one thing about ourselves and/or business. We talked about struggles, achievements, goals, and about ourselves! It was fun getting to know everyone on a more personable level!

The Bowl…


This is how I organized my M&M’s…lunch-2-of-19-copy.jpg

Jake took a different approach! Eric would be able to tell us if this has something to do with our personality traits…since he is into Psychology as well as photography. lunch-10-of-19-copy.jpg

This is Robin. I like this pic! Although she may curse me out for blogging it!!!lunch-5-of-19-copy.jpg

The meeting was extremely casual and we had a “let go and relax” approach, which included kicking our feet up on the coffee table and chit chatting in our socks! What better way to do business?!


Jake looking GQ with some seriously cool back-lighting from my picture window!


Oh yeah, and this is Jake caught in the act of what looks like”Chimping”! (Chimping is when us photogs check the back of our LCD’s to see how we are shooting). He totally denied it, but I don’t know…looks kind of guilty to me! ;o)


My main man in my life…He isn’t growing a goatee! That is left over evidence of an M&M binge.


Eric from Raw Photo Design. He brought a mean cake from Coldstone and some lighting equipment to share with us!


Tania Sones… She won the raffle I put together. So she took home a texture gallery on DVD that I personally shot! Hope she has fun with them!lunch-11-of-19-copy.jpg

Jake getting some practice for the future. lunch-19-of-19-copy.jpg

This is Travis…I met him for the first time yesterday and he is such a great guy!


Jake, Lesley and Jane in the background there.lunch-4-of-19-copy.jpg

I posted this one because not many people have their nose pierced on the same side of their nose as I do…Robin is an exception!



So all in all it was great lunch and we talked about a lot of key things, such as second shooting with a contract or no contract and also Robin filled is in on the Mike Colon seminar with Bob Davis. I think that next lunch will focus mainly on LIGHTROOM and we will be doing someΒ hands on stuff with that!

So until next time!!!!

I think we should come up with a name for the group….

Any suggestions???

Have a happy Sunday!