It has arrived!!!


A while back a friend of mind lent me this camera. I am not sure if it was intended for me to get this fine piece of equipment up and running again, but I was on a mission. I was really intrigued by it and couldn’t wait to do some research on the old Sawyer’s Camera. This is a body that has traveled cross country and has crossed paths with a variety of lives I am sure. Being that it is a piece of history that has actually documented history in the making is what is so unbelievably beyond cool about it.

So with a bit of research and a little time I have found the film that is used in this old Sawyer’s camera.
I can’t wait to use it so I can return it with a bit more history captured…more stories to share!



This will be tough for me to get used to again…maunal film advancing. I have gotten a tad bit lack-sa-days-ickle in my digital days!sawyers-1-of-3-copy.jpg

have a great night!

It’s a mean machine! Watch out!