New Fine Art Album…Yippppeeeee!

Well, today is Saturday, and despite the dreary weather outside, I am feeling chipper!

Yesterday I got my new studio sample in of the Leather Craftsmen Fine-Art album that I designed and I am extremely excited to share the pics with you. This is a really pretty album and I LOVE it with all my heart! I of course am not usually so attached to material things, however, I am one of those obsessed photographers out there that becomes emotionally attached to images that I create and to see them displayed in a beautiful album built to last is a really cool feeling.

So here are some pics for you to see…you won’t actually see any images on the pages…however, I assure you that they are in there! ;o) Besides…what fun would that be if I didn’t leave a little mystery to it?!




and a few of my little PipiSqueak!!! Like I have mentioned before…she lucked out in the lips and eyes department…(however, this time the x-process helped a bit with that!)


She’s such a little devil…


and a bit dramatic at times as well…


But of course…I love her all the more for it!!!

Happy Saturday!