Well, I have been extremely on the outs of the blogger’s world, which sucks you in like a vaccuum by the way! So I am slowly getting sucked back into Blog Haven. I miss it! It is a fun outlet and a great way to communicate what is going on in my life as well as keeping in touch with all you guys out there that like to read up on my boring life!

Well, first thing is…

 Stay tuned for some fun pics of Carrie and Gregg’s wedding which was last Saturday in Oxford. I got to see one of my favorite clients, Kelly, as well as her Mom and Pop, at the wedding and she was sporting these HOT red pumps! Kelly, you one hot chickie!

Also, I will be getting some album designs out this weekend and within the next couple weeks to follow. So please stay tuned for those designs to be posted. I love to share these…as it is always fun to see the pics displayed in the final stages of production. It’s when it all comes together and really tells the story of the couple’s love for each other. Every couple has a different story, which makes every design and book unique, like the love-birds themselves!

Also, I am super excited to be shooting a wedding this year for Jeremy and Sue Ann. When I met with them for the first time I knew they were the cool. Sue Ann signs notes and emails with “SMILE ON” instead of the ordinary “BYE-BYE” or “THANK YOU”. Another cool thing is she has great taste in sweaters and clothing, which is one of the things Jeremy noticed about her when they first layed eyes on each other at a party back in the day!

Can’t wait for their day later this year!

Also, saw the movie, INTO THE WILD last week. SUPERB!!!! I loved every second of it, very moving, and the fact that it was a true story was what really made it so real and capturing.

So stay tuned as there will be more to come on the blog and I promise to keep up with it this month!

This time of year is when I come alive and creep out of my winter shell and live it up!


and as Sue Ann would say,



ps…a pic to go along with this post…a strappy shoe of course…one of my favorite things in the world to photograph and wear!!!