Thanks so much guys!

okay. So for the past three months I have opened my mind, soul, and home to photographers in the CT area. Photographers of all levels and passions, and have shared spirits, food, and photography insights. It has been a growing success starting with eight random strangers. I love life for this very reason, simply because I have grown close to you in more ways than just photography, but in life’s travels as well. We all have a little to share and learn from each other. 

So as a thank you, some of my PB & J go-ers decided to surprise me with a thank you gift that was really touching to me. And I truely offer all of me through any aspect of my life, from my family experiences to my business experiences. What better way to live life than to give 110% and expect nothing in return. And that I truley live by. Honestly.

So as a thank you, my dear friends have presented me with a gift of relaxation. A day at the most elite spa in CT. I can’t express my thanks enough in words, and I was really taken back by their generousity.

A day at Adam Broderick’s spa for a manicure/pedicure/massage. I felt bad accepting this gift. I mean all I ever wanted was a chance to fratenize (yes I know this word actually exists in the dictionary and I probably even spelt it wrong). But I really mean it when I say I only wanted to get together and chat about photography and life, both of which I am passionate about.


So this blog is for all of you who chipped in for my thank you gift and for all of you who attended and I hope for nothing but to see your faces at the next months luncheon!!! Be here or be square!!!

I truely have found my nitch in life and I am glad we all have that in common and I can’t wait to invite you into my domain in the future. Afterall, that is what life is all about. Sharing and experiencing with others.

thank you all for thinking of me!

I can’t express my thanks enough and I hope that I can only “pay it forward” to you in the future!!!

on that note…

Thanks a bunch,