Happy Saturday!

Hi Everyone!

I have a busy weekend of shooting ahead and I won’t be in the office to answer emails/phone calls. I will get back to all clients on Monday morning to connect with you all! Feel free to shoot me an email if you have something on your mind though! I will return it on Monday!

I will be second shooting at a wedding today with my good friend Jake! I am very excited about it and I have to say, it is the first time I have ever second shot! I have always been the main shooter at weddings for the past six or so years…so this is going to be a really great/fun experience, especially since Jake is a super cool guy! I also am shooting an Engagement session tomorrow up in Storrs CT. Engagement sessions are one of my favorite shoots of all time because I really love getting to know my clients on a personable level and this is where it usually begins!

So keep in touch and I will get back to you on Monday!