PB and J a week away !

Well, almost a week away! Update…

We will be doing pizza and wings this time around…I got votes for both, so I like to make everyone happy!

BUT…more importantly…remember you are all welcome, any level photographer, and I encourage you to bring a friend!
I am thinking also, if the weather is warm we can have it on my porch outside!

So here are the details once again!

Sunday May 4th @ 4pm @ my house in Danbury! (No Early Birds! And you know who you are!)

Be there or be square…and don’t be square!


PS…Jane Lamotta needs a second shoooter coming up soon…So don’t be shy! Let her know if you are available and want to work with her for the day! The info:

second shooter for a bat mitzvah, sat eve., may 31st, hammond museum, south salem, ny

let me know if you can do it and I will send you in her direction…or you can hunt down her email in the comments section…she goes by Jane! hehe!