Spring Things!

This is a dorky post…about spring and what I love about it…


1. I love the warm breeze and the beating sun!

2. I love going to parks and swinging on the swings and being a kid again!

3. I love sitting on my porch at night without having to be wrapped up in a cacoon of blankets!

4. I love the pretty flowers and going to the plant store!

5. I love being able to leave the house with out having to wear a jacket…especially when trying to leave the house with two kids. Two kids plus me equals three jackets which in turn equals not so fun!

6. I love the feeling of summer being on its way…which is by far my most favoritest season…hehe!

7. I love driving with my windows down and feeling the fresh air in my face! Today I finally got my car fixed, the windows didn’t go down for the majority of the winter season…blahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

8. I love how everyone seems to be just a tad bit more chipper!

9. I love how I remember that I have neighbors. Nobody is seen in my neighborhood until the weather gets warmer. Now it is like a parade of neighborly love all through the days! hehe!

10. I love that wedding season has approached us, of course!

11. I love that tank tops are being sold in stores…my favorite!

12. I love that make up takes a new twist in fate. Spring colors have swarmed us everywhere! Life is grand!

13. I love that I can take walks with my kids!

14. I love that I can eat ice-cream without feeling guilty since it now has a double function of tasting yummy and cooling me off!

15. Sandles and open toe shoes…NEED I SAY MORE?


Happy Spring to you and yours!