Creative Image Collections Update…

This is a news kind of post! BOOORRRRRING!

But it must be done! I will be uploading some new images on my site along with adding some new tunes! Every once in a while I like to throw out a little curve ball and keep people on their toes. Nothing is worse then logging into a site and seeing that nothing is new, nothing is changed, same ol’e same ol’e. I will be uploading some maternity pics into the portrait section and soon will be updating some images in my wedding gallery, starting with my very first wedding this year. Each time I shoot a wedding I will add my favs to the site to keep it fresh and current.

Another thing is of course today is the PB & J lunch and ALLLLLLL are welcome! We are chowing on wings and talking shop about Boudoir pics and have our friends Paul and Krystal running the show! I will encourage donations to help towards the purchase of the wings.

Also, yesterday I met with a woman who was willing to pay me to teach her a little about the basics of photography. It was a one-on-one session and it went really well. This is a service that I will be adding to my site. It has planted a seed in my head, that I never even thought of before she presented it to me. I loved doing this because I love to help people and I LOVE photography. So I am working on some details for this service, such as fees and will leave the topics to be covered up to the student so you get the most from your one-on-one session with me. We focused on lighting and aperature, exposure, and composition, and it included a critiquing of her current work.  So this will soon be added into my Details section of my site where my services are listed.

I hope to see you all this afternoon at the lunch and can’t wait! Off to prepare for it!

Have a happy Sunday!