A bit about me…

Every once in a while I get into posting on my blog and I try to add in some fun stuff about myself, just so you know who stands behind the big bulky piece of black equipment I push in front of your faces!

So here are a few things you may not have known about me…

1. I once got to be part of the flag ceremony at Arlington Cementary in Washington DC. pretty nifty!

2. I can recite the fifty states alphabetically in order really fast! (thanks to the song I learned in 7th grade for our singing recital)

3. I almost always go through the EZ Pass Lane with cash in my hand while driving to the city. OOOOPS!

4. My favorite past time is driving and listening to music, especially when the sun is just going down.

5. I love airports. Something about them excite me. I love the way I feel when I am in them.

6. I once went to an interview soon after college and was told by the very nice interviewer that I would NEVER get a job shooting right off the bat. The next week I started shooting for The Danbury News-Times as a photo-journalist. 

7. I once had a soccer coach pay for me to attend a tournament that I would have had to skip out on because my parents didn’t have the money for me to go. I felt honored.

8. I once burnt my lips on a pot that was boiling water on the stove because I saw my reflection in it and I kissed it! That hurt.

9. I am huge NYC fan…although I would never really want to live there.

10. I almost went to school for massage therapy.

11. I shot my first wedding almost 8 years ago. It was a second marriage and I was sooooo nervous I almost got sick to my stomach. You eventually get over that!!!

12. I once found an albino tree frog in a plant that I bought from Stop and Shop. It lived in my room for quite some time before we met! He never bothered me much! I let him free after we crossed paths!

I am off to NYC for an Eshoot tomorrow and then a Bar Mitzvah tomorrow night!

Enjoy your weekend!