A few things! I shot a great wedding today! Can’t wait to share the pics with you all! Now I am editing away all weekend to get caught up on my stuff! Feels good to get a bit off my shoulders…

Also, PB and J update…

Peter has decided it would be a great idea to have a guest speaker at July’s PB and J…

So Tim Riley, From RPG Keys (for lightroom) will be stopping by to share his knowledge with us all…Trick is we need at least 15 bodies there…so if you have been yearning to stop by one of these shin-gigs…this would be the one to make an appearance at! He is coming all the way from Maine. That’s right…Maine! So you have to come…no if ands or buts! Get your photo-booties down here! Also making an appearance is Mike Simonds from Simonds Photo…he is a smart man, I met him at a seminar…and he can clue you in on all the latest gadgets and must haves for your behind the scenes stuff!

So leave me a comment and let me know if you are coming or not…we will need at least 15 people and I am actually hoping for a few more than that…little does Peter know!!! hehe!

Event: PB and J (for all you newcomers…stands for photography, beer, and junkfood!)

Where: Peter Oberc’s home…I will give details as to where as we get closer!

When: July 23rd @ 6:30

Who: Anyone interested in Photography, any level or interest in photography is welcome!

Why: Because it is fun!

On another note…have a Happy Saturday!