Happy Friday!

There are times in life when things always seem to go wrong and you feel like you just might cave in and be defeated. Any of my family, friends, and even some of my close knit clients know that I have been on a serious roller coaster ride this year and the ride just keeps on going. I don’t remember standing in line to ride this mountain and valley track, but someone signed me up with out my permission. I need to have a serious chat with them. But anyhoo…Upon reading my friend Carla’s blog today, her entry really hit home, and I felt it necessary to post about how important it is to remain focused on the meaning of life and how to overcome obstacles that are thrown at us, and the bumps in the road that we experience along the way. Life presents you with challenging situations and it really is how we approach them that makes all the difference. So although this may sound really cliche and cheesey…I think this one little statement could make all the difference in how you live your life. I can’t take the credit for thinking it up. I am just not that smart when it comes to making up certain things…but I am smart enough to believe in them…
So the next time life seems like it is working against you and that everything seems to be falling apart try to tell yourself that there is a positive in it. Think the following and you just may find a bit of peace and strength in yourself…which can carry you through the toughest terrains…


and there is also the FIVE BALL THEORY:
There are 4 GLASS BALLS & 1 RUBBER BALL the 4 Glass Balls represents FAMILY, FRIENDS, HEALTH, SPIRIT and the RUBBER BALL represents JOB.
In life we keep on juggling these balls ……. and the life continues……. A small mistake and any of these balls might fall …… if the rubber ball falls it would bounce back…… No matter in what time it would bounce back … 1 month … 3 months… 6 months, but it would definitely bounce back…..But the Glass Ball….. Very delicate…. once it falls….. It can never be brought to its original shape again….
So on that note…
I hope you all have a Happy Friday and live life to its fullest!!!