November is National Clothes Swap Month…

Okay…not really. I just wanted to get your attention!

My friend/former client, Kelly, and I got together last week for a little girl’s night with some nice wine, yummy treats, and good conversation. So of course the topic of clothes made its way into our chit chat (I think it started with me liking her cool sweater :o) and Kelly had the brilliant idea of putting together a clothes swap…


SORRY GUYS! ! !   I know you’re all dying to come and hang out with us but it’s a GIRLS ONLY event!


So on November 7th  we are going to be hosting a clothes swap for anyone who wants to attend! All the details will be posted when they are ironed out (no pun intended) and when we get a bit closer to the big event!

~You bring with you 10 articles of gently used clothing that have been sitting in your closet taking up space and you know you will never wear again! Maybe you bought that “PERFECT” shirt or pants that you HAD to have and the tags are still on them after a year!

~The clothes have to be from this decade and preferably STYLISH or considered to be a BASIC that can be useful to anyone…(no 80’s or 90’s lavender sweatshirts with kittens frolicking in a basket on the front of it!)

~In addition to the 10 articles of clothing that you will bring with you, you will be asked to bring ONE  “WHAT-WAS-I-THINKING?????” piece of clothing. We will be doing something fun with this part of the evening that will remain a secret until the night of!

~Kelly and I will be organizing (YIKES :o) the actual swapping of clothes so all is fair and square!

So if you are up for a night of shopping without having to break the bank, yummy cocktails, food and good clean fun then you are more than welcome to join us!

You can sign up and let me know by entering into my site and leaving me a message in my contact page or leave a comment below and I will collect all email addresses and leave you an official E-VITE as the date approaches us!

~Happy Thursday!