Jeremy and Sue Ann: Married!

Jeremy and Sue Ann got married earlier in September and had a roaring good time of a wedding. They are such a fun couple and I think one of the guests at the wedding put it best…Like two kids in a sandbox! They are so smitten for each other and so appreciative of each other! I have some goodies to share…

Some details…



It’s not fair that only the girls get a shoe shot!




Two dress shots because I liked both and I LOVED the Beach Room as Sue Ann called it in the family’s beach house. So shabby sheek!










This is Sophia, Jeremy’s daughter, who is absolutely adorable!




Jeremy is so smitten ;o)



This one was funny. She kept running past my camera at a high rate of speed trying to get my attention! So cute!!!!!


Before Jagermeister…









YEAH! to Sue Ann and Jeremy! Can’t wait to share the rest!!!

Happy Tuesday!