Shannon: Trash the Dress!

Hey There! Happy New Year! I am still Alive! I know I have been very lazy in my blogging, but I think I needed a break from things for a little bit to get myself grounded, organized and ready for the upcoming year! I had an extremely busy year with lots of changes, both business and personal, and I am a very strong believer that with rough patches in life you gain strength and courage that you  may not have realized existed within you. I am lucky to have photography as a creative outlet and feel it is one of the things, next to the people in my life, that helps me to keep chugging along! I find great pleasure in getting lost in it and I love sharing it with all of you out there!

I did this Trash-the-Dress shoot a long, long time ago with Shannon and finally have had the chance to blog them for you all (and her ;o) It was cold and I was covered in burrs by the end of the day! In fact there were so many burrs that it was pointed out by the man behind the counter in the Dunkin Donuts we made a pit stop at while shooting! ;o)

I hope you enjoy!shan-39-of-197-copy




Shan has these striking blue eyes! LOVE them!shan-51-of-197-copy


















 I hope you all have a happy healthy new year!

Happy Friday!