Thrift Store Steals…

Yesterday I went to Olive’s Armoire, a fun boutique thrift store in Bethel CT, and felt like I had seen the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! There is just something very fullfilling to me about thrift store shopping. I have come to the conclusion that it is the element of surprise in possibly finding that something perfect you have been looking for or needed, and finding it on a whim.

 I believe in the game of thrift store shopping  you are required to have a certain frame of mind. You must remain open minded and willing to accpet all things for what they are and have a vision of what posibilities lie within. Many times I have browsed vintage and thrift stores and thought to myself “There is nothing I have to go with that” or “That’s nice but…I don’t have the right …(fill in the blank)…”. This is all negativity. You need to scratch that from your list and think of the positive. You must be creative. I believe the only way to succeed in Thrift Store Shopping is by taking that first intitial chance and buy something ” Just Because”. That’s right! Just because you liked it! How many times have you bought something because it kept calling your name and then upon bringing it home, you found that it was indeed worth every penny spent, because you now have found three more things you can wear with it in addition to what you originally bought it for. That is a sign that it was meant to be yours! Once you dive into the world of thrift store shopping you may find yourself getting carried away with it. Don’t get caught up in this whirlwind of terror. It is a big fisad. You need to remain level headed and know when to walk away. It is only a bargain if you can find a use for it and if you can find joy in owning it.


In a nutshell I LOVE thrift store shopping. Spending less, being creative, the element of surprise, having something unique and different than what is in the mainstream stores, and of course, the thrill of the hunt are just some of the perks!

So here are my finds from yesterday. I made out like a bandit. Now…YES. I did spend a tad bit more than what I expected, since I really only went in for a broach or pin, but this brings us back to the element of surprise…you never know when things that are meant to be will just pop into your life…much like love! ;o)

My new cool belt…I am picturing this with a sweater…my new corduroy skirt that I spent $5 bucks on (the skirt is an ANN TAYLOR by the way), a cool pair of knee high leather boots and you have a unique touch to an otherwise ordinary outfit! thrift-201-of-10-copy1


This I can’t take credit for in picking out. The woman who owns the store helped me pick out a pin that I could use for a fushia satin, asymetrical dress that I will be wearing as a guest to a wedding soon. The dress needed something and I thought up the idea of the broach or pin, but she picked out the blue flowers to add a bit of color to the dress! It works and with a cool pair of silver shoes and earings I am good to go! (by the way…$175 Banana Republic dress I found for $26.99) Wooohooo!thrift-203-of-10-copy


This is my cutie pie who likes to try on my clothes time and again. When I go shopping she is usually on the floor in the dressing room half dressed and trying something on!



Cute…colorful (green is my favorite color)…pefect for under a sweater…$2 .thrift-209-of-10-copy1


and this is my cutie pie just being a munchkie and following me around the house when I was shooting! ;o)thrift-206-of-10-copy1


Happy Thursday!