Brushin’ Teeth!

In our house it is very important we practice good dental hygiene. Especially my daughter because she is a huge thumbsucker and constantly has her thumb in her mouth. I usually dread when it is time to brush teeth, simply becuase it is about a 2 minute task that takes us about 20 minutes. There usually involves some sort of argument over who gets to hold the toothpaste, who gets to be at the sink, and ends most times with me having to pin down the two little munchkies so I can ACTUALLY brush their teeth. (it is also common for them just to suck the toothpaste off of the brush and never actually do any brushing).

So this is something I want to remember for sure. Perhaps to remind them years from now what I put up with every morning and night!!! This toothbrushing session today with my daughter was a tame one. Her big brother was at school and she had noone to play off of! ;o)





I do monitor this next step of applying the paste…since in the past has been quite the production.



so fun…who knew?ninaandbook-204-of-13-copy1



Happy Thursday!